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The Truth About Bad Home Builders

Lubbock: Good home builders, Bad home builders. How can you tell the difference? Here in this article one of our home inspection vendors gives top tips and hints for getting your

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How To Plan Holiday Travels

Lubbock, Texas residents: Do you have travel plans for the holidays? I just read  about a company that specializes in “mystery travel.” Basically, you just contact them, tell them

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USDA Lowers Their Upfront Funding Fee

Texas: USDA announced they are reducing the upfront Guarantee fee and the Annual mortgage insurance fee (paid monthly) for refinance and purchase loans. Lower costs for the ZERO down USDA loan

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Sellers Beware

Working as a Realtor is hard enough when you are having to build your business and on top of everything share the cheese per say!While working as a realtor we are encouraged to think when the seller

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